Development & Maintenance

{apiware} provides dedicated development resources to our clients and partners.
Our goal is to become an extension to your own team, working side by side with
existing resources from our clients or to provide a dedicated team that is fully
outsourced for all development and maintenance needs around APIs.
Got any questions?

Do you charge on a per project basis?

No, we work on a time and material basis. We do provide you a clear upfront cost per resource, based on your contract term either on a per hour or monthly charge.

Are you interested in short term projects?

For short-term engagements we provide resources via our apiware {now} service. Outside of that we prefer to work with clients long term for the benefit of the joint team.

Will we own the code you write for us?

Absolutely, all code developed for you is yours and shared in near real time.

Can you provide a part time Chief Architect?

Yes, we can add part time strategy and architect resources at the highest level and with deep expertise to support you in your API journey.

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